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Benefits of taking a TOGAF Course

Benefits of TOGAF® courses for Individuals

The “TOGAF® Certified” title is an asset to any CV or LinkedIn profile, as it demonstrates competency and Enterprise Architecture innovation. The TOGAF® Courses educates candidates on how to design, plan, implement, manage, and appraise a new operating information system. The possession of a TOGAF® qualification significantly enhances professional rigour and an individual's salary - the average salary is £72,500* for certified individuals.

  • Enhanced knowledge of IT system layering, interactions, management, and architecture
  • Deliver a functioning, standardised, versatile, and secure reusable systems
  • Awareness of how to use modelling tools
  • Excel your career and credibility as a competent enterprise architect
  • Join the expanding network of TOGAF® Architects - professional networking
  • One of the highest-rewarding certifications - TOGAF® certified individuals make significant transformational changes and receive incremental salary elevations as a result

*Information from IT Jobs Watch - correct as of 24th July 2017



Benefits of TOGAF® courses for Businesses

The purported benefits of TOGAF® courses, and consequential Enterprise Architecture expertise, include improved resource and asset optimisation, constructive transformational change, fact-based decision making, business versatility, and a more robust IT operating system. Without a competent Enterprise Architect in place, businesses struggle to optimise their information systems and can suffer from a decreased operational capacity that can severely decrease an enterprise’s value - demonstrating the value of TOGAF® for entprises.

  • Strategically efficient but simple IT architectures
  • Integration of business objectives and IT systems
  • Elevated return on investments - improve IT streamlining and usability for customers, users, and employees
  • Improved interoperability
  • Enterprise-specific system operations and capabilities
  • Reduced costs, waste, and resource-consuming practices across all levels of business
  • TOGAF® allows information system projects to be repetitive and individuals can converse using a common terminology-based language - reducing conflict and elevating productivity
  • Enhanced stakeholder engagement due to highlighting the importance of having a comprehensive architecture in place, whilst understandable terminology.