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What organisations use Six Sigma?

Company: Ford Motor Company

Sector: Automotive

Ford is one of the world’s largest corporations and uses Six Sigma to improve company quality. Ford’s CEO Jacques Nasser implemented the Six Sigma methodology in late 1999 with the hope to achieve higher customer satisfaction and enhance quality, subsequently promoting improvements in the company’s bottom-line. Six Sigma projects were associated with the top 25 customer concerns by vehicle line at each assembly plan. Their massive investment paid off; in the first year and a half of using Six Sigma, almost 10,000 employees were trained in Six Sigma, with levels ranging from Green Belts to Master Black Belts. Using this business analysis approach has been hugely beneficial for the motoring company, with projects on average exceeding their cost-reduction goals.


Company: Dell

Sector: IT

Dell, the computer software and hardware company, has demonstrated the functionality of Six Sigma in producing successful results. In 2000, Michael Dell constructed an initiative (known  as Business Process Improvement) based upon the Six Sigma methodologies. The corporation has focussed largely on quality improvement, reduced cycle time and reduction in costs. An emphasis has been placed on utilising team members to the best of their abilities. The company has achieved a significant improvement in quality, customer satisfaction, and saved more than $1.55 billion. Their new Six Sigma-based strategy has enabled Dell to become a strong leader in various aspects of company function; from customer services to marketing.


Company: Amazon

Sector: E-Commerce

The retail industry is well suited to the methodologies of Six Sigma, which is heavily influential to the running of the hugely successful ecommerce business, Amazon. Six Sigma principles were integrated into the Operational Excellence programme which was initiated in 1999. An emphasis was placed on strategically recruiting the the best leaders they could find. The implementation of the Six Sigma concepts to Amazon has helped the company bloom into the industry leader of today.


Six Sigma Job Roles

Trained Six Sigma professionals are highly employable in all industries, meaning that earning a Six Sigma certification can significantly enhance your career prospects. Job roles can correspond with the certification levels e.g. Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt. However there are also some other positions which can be achieved through obtaining a Six Sigma certification. These include:

  • Six Sigma Analyst

  • Six Sigma Consultant

  • Senior Project Manager

  • Business Process Manager