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Microsoft Excel Training Intermediate | Microsoft Excel Training Intermediate Course

  • Learn how to Use & Apply Excel by your Accredited Microsoft Partner
  • Enhance Your Productivity at work & Fast Track Your Career
  • Training includes Official Detailed User-Friendly Manual
  • Pre & post course Email Support is Provided
  • Flexible Dates to suit your timetable
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Course Name Date Location Duration Price Book Online
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 16/06/2017 Birmingham
1 day £499 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 16/06/2017 Manchester
1 day £499 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 16/06/2017 Newcastle
1 day £995 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 16/06/2017 Aberdeen
1 day £995 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 16/06/2017 Southampton
1 day £995 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 16/06/2017 Bristol
1 day £995 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 16/06/2017 Cambridge
1 day £995 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 16/06/2017 Edinburgh
1 day £995 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 16/06/2017 Liverpool
1 day £995 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 16/06/2017 Glasgow
1 day £995 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 16/06/2017 Dublin
1 day €995 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 16/06/2017 Norwich
1 day £995 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 16/06/2017 Belfast
1 day £995 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 16/06/2017 Cardiff
1 day £995 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 16/06/2017 Milton Keynes
1 day £995 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 16/06/2017 Nottingham
1 day £995 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 16/06/2017 Sheffield
1 day £995 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 16/06/2017 Reading
1 day £995 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 16/06/2017 Leeds
1 day £995 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate 27/06/2017 London
1 day £499 Book now Enquire

Course Information (Top) | View Dates & Pricing


Microsoft Excel training Intermediate


Microsoft Excel training intermediate course is for business professionals who want to gain the essential Excel skills required and apply it to analyse business information. Delegates will learn about various topics which include naming cells and range. creating formulas, using different functions like VLOOKUP, SUMIF and IF, linking and managing worksheet information, make professional charts, as well as linking excel program with other Microsoft programs like Word, PowerPoint, etc. in depth. Also learn to analyse the worksheet using Excel data tools and functions, organising data and filtering, and present data efficiently. Enrol into this course to enhance your knowledge and boost your career.

What’s included?

  • A highly experience instructor will teach you about concepts of Microsoft Project 2010 Introduction.
  • The instructor will also show you the minor differences between versions of Excel.
  • The course is led by highly experienced Microsoft Excel trainers with many years of experience on courses means you will gain a lot of practical Excel experience as well as some useful tips and tricks.
  • The instructor will make use of numerous examples and exercises in a training environment so that you will have enough time to practice and consolidate your learning.
  • Refreshments will be provided to the delegates



Working knowledge about basic features of Excel like using formulas and functions like auto sum, Auto fill, etc., creating and formatting worksheets is required. You should have a basic understanding of Windows operating system.  Also having experience in using Microsoft Excel 2013 as well as other Microsoft programs can be beneficial.

Who should attend?

Microsoft Excel training intermediate course is designed for delegates who had used Excel before and wanted to enhance their knowledge. Improve your Excel skills like creating worksheets, formatting, organising data, highlighting critical information and creating formulas/links between sheets.

Those delegates who have no experience in using Microsoft Excel can enrol in this course to learn the topics covered creating workbooks, using AutoFill and AutoSum, constructing formulae, Absolute Cell References and formatting worksheets effectively.

What will I learn?

  • Learn to name worksheet cells and ranges, building spreadsheet tables and using Microsoft Excel’s data tools.
  • Understanding of using standard features of Excel like Data validation, conditional formatting.
  • Using standard intermediate Excel features like Group, soft, advanced filter and Auto filter.
  • Get knowledge of using Excel functions like SUM, MIN, MAX, COUNT, AVERAGE and SUBTOTAL in different ways.
  • Know how to Merge and Lookup worksheet by making use of functions like VLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX and INDIRECT.
  • Learn to use common intermediate Microsoft Excel features like Text to Columns, Text wizard and Remove duplicate features.
  • Knowledge about using Excel functions like Left, Right, Mid, Search, Substitute, Len, Replace, Trim and Clean for mining data.
  • Learn to create professional business charts by combining different chart types in one chart.
  • Create, Control and Format pivot tables as well as charts by including slicers and timelines.


Excel worksheet formula, Naming cells and Sheet linking

  • Create basic formulas
  • Debug formula and relation of formulas to each other
  • Name a cell and manage it
  • Manage cell , range name and editing as well as deletion
  • Manage and link sheet information

Microsoft Excel Methods

  • Uses of data validation
  • Use data validation to control
  • Create a list in worksheet

Intermediate Excel methods for building tables

  • Difference between a report and table
  • Different types of table
  • Impact of tables and analysis
  • Proper header and data column design for worksheet

Intermediate Microsoft Excel methods for using key Excel functions

  • What is worksheet function
  • Working and Argument list
  • Use basic functions in formulas
  • Use range in worksheet
  • Nest Microsoft Excel worksheet functions

Using spreadsheet functions

  • Use VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH and INDEX functions
  • Use VLOOKUP to lookup table information
  • Merging information
  • Nest Microsoft Excel worksheet functions
  • Basic logic and logical operators
  • Use IF, AND, OR and IS function to develop formulas

Introducing Excel methods for creating logical formulas

  • Key to advanced tool construction
  • Use logic in general
  • Build logic formulas using relational operators
  • Build logic formulas using IF, AND and OR
  • Learn to protect your formulas from errors using IF and IS functions
  • Create formulas that appear and disappear
  • Use SUMIP and SUMIFS for summarising worksheet data
  • Use COUNTIP and COUNTIFS to count data

Methods for using the group, advance filter, etc

  • Hide and unhide worksheet rows
  • Use sort feature for sorting tables
  • Use advanced filter to build advanced table filters
  • Uses of conditional formatting
  • Use the conditional formatting feature to flag data in tables
  • Use conditional formatting feature as a dashboard system

Microsoft Excel methods for analysing text on worksheet

  • Analyse, split and clean worksheet text using text worksheet functions
  • Use text to columns feature to separate delimited data
  • Text Wizard to import text files
  • Use the remove duplicates feature to retrieve unique names from a column

Intermediate Excel methods for creating business charts

  • Learn to create charts that have a professional look
  • Chart formatting tips including picture placement
  • Data tables
  • Professional colouring

Methods for creating pivot tables and charts

  • Create pivot tables from spreadsheet data
  • Control pivot tables using filtering and grouping
  • Refresh and remap table data
  • Create different pivot table
  • Format a pivot table using styles
  • Format Cells dialog box
  • Make slicers and timelines
  • Format and control options for slicers and timelines
  • Construct, edit and format pivot charts
  • Use the filters on pivot chart
  • Arrange the filters
  • Use the pivot tables and pivot charts
  • Use timelines to create dashboards and reports

Microsoft Excel methods for linking Excel with Word and PowerPoint

  • Basic linking between programs
  • Link cells, ranges and charts with Word and PowerPoint

Benefits of this course

  • Create, modify charts and make use of formulas and functions effectively.
  • Efficiently convert, sort, filter, and manage lists in a worksheet.
  • Easily summarise multiple sheets of data into one sheet.
  • Turn reports as well as long lists into easy to read tables.
  • Apply formulas to check whether cells pass or fall your rules.
  • Link the cells with each other to update it automatically.
  • Highlight targets, duplicates, trends as well as errors with conditional formatting.


Training Options

Knowledge Academy provides training In over 50 states at different venues. Venues are furnished with latest equipment’s to enhance your learning. Trainers are highly experienced in their subject and will be able to support you easily.

Classroom training is considered as the most efficient form of learning. Attending class requires time and effort, but it is useful. Classroom training environment removes you from other distractions of everyday work so you can focus on improving your development skills. With the help of The Knowledge Academy classroom training, you will have the opportunity to deal with a highly experienced certified instructor personally and discuss with them all the problems as well as ideas.

Onsite training is a cost effective if the organisation has several employees working who need to enhance their skills. The knowledge academy’s onsite training courses also deliver same classroom learning experience to your organisation faculty and eliminate other expenses like travel as well as hotel costs.

For building and maintaining your career continuing education is necessary but it’s hard to find time in your busy schedule. The knowledge Academy offers a cost-effective and flexible online training for enhancing your knowledge. Online training library of courses helps you get the required training which you need. Online training is given over the web to let you study at your pace, anytime and anywhere.

To know more about our training option, feel free to contact us on 01344 203999.



  • Course Availability

    The spaces remaining on all courses across the website reflect the availability of the maximum printed course materials and equipment available in stock for any given event. If the spaces remaining do not appear, then there is comfortably enough lead time to provision course materials and equipment upon booking.

  • What is Microsoft Excel training?

    Microsoft Excel is a popular computer program that allows you to create and edit spreadsheets. These are used to store information in columns and rows that can then be organised and/or processed. Spreadsheets are designed to work well with numbers but often include text.

  • What time shall I arrive at the venue?

    Please arrive at the venue for 08:45am

  • What level of training is best for me?

    Introduction - You can open files, save them, make changes but not a lot more. Intermediate - Fairly confident to perform formulae calculations but able to do most stuff, but not detailed programming. Advanced - Able to perform all tasks within Excel.

What's Included?
  • Highly Experienced Instructor
  • Detailed User-Friendly Manual
  • Pre/Post Course Email Support
  • Refreshments
  • Attendance Certificate

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