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ITIL® Jobs

Because it covers the entire service lifecycle, ITIL® knowledge can benefit a whole range of ITIL professionals who are involved in the design, implementation, day to day operations and improvement of services. Some of the roles most often associated with ITIL are:



Officers in high-level executive positions such as Chief Information Officers and Chief Technology Officers can benefit from an understanding of ITIL, especially if they are planning to implement it into their organisation.


IT Managers

IT Managers can benefit from an understanding of the specific processes of ITIL which are most relevant to their daily jobs, whether they are involved in service delivery, operations, or development.


IT Architects/Consultants

Considering the number of organisations which take ITIL training currently, IT Architects and Consultants can benefit from an understanding of ITIL to ensure that they and their clients speak the same language when it comes to service management.