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What is CDOP?

Certified DevOps Professional (CDOP) is a DevOps certification which demonstrates a strong understanding of DevOps culture and how it can be implemented.

It provides a comprehensive introduction to the DevOps approach, including its ways of thinking and its 8 principles. It also looks at how a successful DevOps culture can be introduced through automation and open-mindedness.

CDOP does not assume any previous knowledge of DevOps, providing the ideal introduction for IT professionals looking to gain a greater understanding of it. It will also suit those involved in DevOps change initiatives in organisations, including managers and leaders.


CDOP Training

To train for the CDOP exam and gain CDOP certification, you can choose between three options (options vary depending on country). The CDOP classroom-training course lasts 2 days. The first part introduces Dev Ops, providing grounding knowledge of its terminology, principles and objectives, as well as its business benefits.

The second day focuses on how DevOps can be implemented, including how it works alongside existing frameworks, such as Agile and Lean, and what should be considered when introducing it.

The course is also available as online or virtual classroom training.



The CDOP course is followed by an examination to test your DevOps knowledge. This exam is multiple choice and lasts 1 hour. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be awarded the title of Certified DevOps Professional.



Experience Requirements

CDOP certification does not require previous experience. However, previous experience and familiarity with IT software development and IT operations is recommended.