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CCNA Methodology

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) methodology. CCNA use the OSI Reference Model which has 7 layers:

Layer 1  Physical – this layer indicated the standards from other organisations referred by OSI. It deals with the transmission medium physical characteristics

Layer 2  Data link – This layer is concerned with getting data across a particular medium or link

Layer 3  Network – This outlines the end-to-end delivery of packets

Layer 4  Transport – This layer includes the choice of protocols that can provide error recoveries

Layer 5  Session – This layer outline how to start, control, and end sessions (conversations)

Layer 6  Presentation – This shows data formats, including; EBCDIC text, ASCII text, binary, JPEG, and BCD

Layer 7  Application – This explain how an application communicates with other computers by implementing OSI application layer concepts


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