We’ve added 48 new tech courses

We’ve added 48 new tech courses


We’re pleased to announce our brand new range of cutting-edge technology courses, designed to cover the latest trends and equip individuals and organisations with skills for the digital future.


As we head into the beginning of the next decade, technologies like AI and voice recognition are coming to the forefront as businesses increasingly automate tasks and make use of new developments to remain efficient, productive and competitive.

Our new courses address the skills needed to use these technologies, providing vital knowledge, whether you’re an individual learner looking to progress in your career or a business looking to upskill your employees.

Topics covered include everything from Artificial Intelligence to Facial Recognition to Cloud Computing. We also have new courses in the popular areas of Cybersecurity and DevOps.

All these courses will be running as live virtual classroom courses, meaning you’ll be able to attend from your own home using a computer, webcam, microphone and Internet connection.

Some are also available online and we’ll be adding more of these in the future.

Here’s the full selection, with links to each course:


Amazon AWS Training


App & Web Development Training


Advanced Technologies Courses


AI Voice Assistants


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


Big Data and Analytics Training


Business Intelligence Reporting


Cloud Computing


Cyber Security Training




Face and Speech Recognition


Java Training


Programming Training


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