How Long to Clear PMP Exam – Explanation

How long to clear PMP Exam Explanation

If you have come here wondering how long it will take to clear the PMP Exam, we are sure you know the potential of PMP certification. Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a gold standard in the Project Management industry. PMP certification is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMP certification helps individuals land excellent Project Management jobs across sectors.  

PMP certification is popular worldwide, and every organization wants to hire PMPs to manage their projects and bring business value. Accruing to PMI’s Earning power survey, PMP-certified professionals earn 25% more salary than those without the certification in Project Management.  

If you want to gain the PMP certification, you will have to qualify for the PMP Exam. The PMP Exam has specific requirements that you need to be eligible for before applying for the exam. This blog will tell you everything about the PMP Exam. 

Table of Contents

1) What are the PMP Exam Requirements? 

2) How can you clear PMP Exam? 

3) How long will it take to clear the PMP Exam? 

4) Conclusion

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PMP Training

What are the PMP Exam Requirements?   

To apply for the PMP Exam, you will have to meet these PMI requirements: 

1) Educational Qualification – You need to have a high school diploma, associate degree/master’s degree in technical education.  

2) Project Management Experience - If you have a three-year degree/equivalent degree, you will need at least five years of Project Management experience. Whereas, if you have a four-year degree, you will need at least three years of Project Management experience.  

3) Project Management TrainingYou must either have a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification or 35 hours of Project Management Training from a PMI-Authorized Training Partner (ATP).   

After ensuring these eligibility conditions, the next step is to prepare for the PMP exam.   

How can you clear PMP Exam? 

According to a recent LinkedIn study, the PMP exam is the most challenging professional exam in 2022. Everybody believes this exam is hard to clear, from PMP aspirants to PMP holders. But with proper dedication and handwork, you can get astonishing results in your career after obtaining a PMP certificate.    

One of the main reasons this exam is challenging is the vast syllabus, which needs comprehensive preparation. Depending on your schedule and priorities, PMP exam preparation can take anything between 3 months to 14 months to clear the PMP Exam. With the proper PMP training and guidance, it's relatively easy to clear this exam. There is over 1 million professional spread worldwide with PMP certification.  

PMP Certification

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How long will it take to clear the PMP Exam?   

Exam mode – PMI allows you to attend the PMP Exam at a centre or online.   

Exam Pattern – PMP Exam consists of 180 questions, and you are given 230 minutes to complete answering them. The online exam provides two breaks of 10 minutes each, excluding the 230 minutes of the exam. This provision is not given to the individuals taking the exam at the centre. Additionally, you cannot review the questions you answered after the online exam break. 

You can expect questions from these domains in this proportion in the PMP Exam: 

1) People – 42% 

2) Process – 50% 

3) Business environment – 8% 

Proportion in the PMP Exam

The questions will be in multiple-choice, multiple responses, matching, hotspot and matching the correct answers.

Preparation Time – As discussed earlier, you will need 35 hours of Project Management Training to qualify for the exam. You can attain this by training for PMP with one of PMI’s ATP. This training will help you prepare and leave behind the hustle of figuring out everything on your own to clear the exam.    

Additionally, if you’re doing self-study, include practice/mock tests before the actual PMP Exam.  

PMP Application – After you apply for the PMP Exam and the application audit is successfully completed by PMI, you will have nearly a year to prepare for the exam. You will also have the option of choosing the date of the exam. Choose the exam date after evaluating how much time you need for preparation based on the time you can devote daily to your studies.   

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You can schedule your exam within one year after the audit approval of your application. T PMI gives no minimum pass percentage, so you have to give it all you have when preparing for the PMP exam. Target at answering 80% of all the questions correctly in the exam.  

Once you clear the PMP Exam, the gates to excellent jobs will open. This certification on your profile will set you way ahead of other non-certified peers in your career. Once you become a PMP, you will have to gain the required PDUs and renew your certificate every three years.  

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