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What organisations use Software Testing?


Sector: IT

IBM, a giant of the IT world, has been considered a leader in the enterprise of Software Testing. IBM emphasise a shift left perspective that integrates service virtualization and test automaton to resemble systems that are otherwise inaccessible. This approach means testing begins earlier, thus there is more time to complete more tests, identify and correct errors, and receive prompt evaluation.


IBM’s success with Software Testing is visible in the case of IT company Sandhata. A develop/test method was adopted, with an overall goal of cutting expenditure. Software Testing was beneficial for Sandhata’s banking client because it stimulated the introduction of test environments which could be more easily updated and implemented. Consequently, the test life-cycle took less time to complete, and provisioning costs decreased.



Sector: IT

Capgemini has also emerged as a leader in the realm of Software Testing. Capgemini adopt a two-axis tool whereby their ability to meet client requirements and the extent of their delivery capabilities is at the forefront of their innovation goals. Capgemini possess over 13,800 testing professionals worldwide, and their commitment to Software Testing development is excellent. They concentrate on expenditure reductions, service quality, and maximising investment profits.


Capgemini’s Software Testing services focus on automation and proprietary IP investment, the service portfolio, consistency worldwide, and establishment of detailed knowledge of testing operations used. This method adopted by Capgemini has proved to be extremely successful.