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Software Testing Case Studies

Many businesses rely on individuals, who hold Software Testing certifications, to apply their skills and expertise. Such qualifications are significant because of the abundance of Software Testing specific companies that exist. Companies that utilise the abilities of Software Testing qualification holders include: IBM, Capgemini, HP, Cigniti, Thinksoft, Maveric, A1QA, and Validata.


A useful example of Software Testing potential is evident in the case of a blue chip company. This company supplied an email system to paying clients, however it was discovered that 30% of these clients could not access the emails. Consequently, the company’s earnings and reputation were at risk. A Software Testing team was hired to discover what the issues were. Customer feedback found that a variety of email frameworks were at use, explaining why the emails were not showing correctly.


As a result, the Software Testing company constructed a testing environment that aimed to test all types of software used by clients, from every version of Outlook to web-based systems such as Hotmail and Yahoo. Following this testing, the Software Testing company was able to create a series of email structures that conformed to graphic design requirements and displayed emails properly in all formats used by clients. Software Testing saved the company’s revenue and future.