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Scrum Jobs

There are a number of job roles in which it is beneficial to obtain Scrum certifications and fulfil job prerequisites, however there is no set Scrum profession. Scrum Product Owners are usually individuals in positions of authority e.g. Directors. Scrum Masters usually have a pre-existing role as a Manager or Project Manager, and Scrum Developers are often Software Engineers and Infrastructure Developers.


Scrum is an applicable framework that enhances productivity and reduces time-to-market of products, hence Scrum certifications are beneficial to individuals and organisations from a variety of backgrounds. Crucially, the Scrum Development Team members must bring forth their engineering skill-set of complex system appraisals and problem-solving/fixing knowledge. To be an effective Scrum Master and Product Owner, it is advised that professionals:

  • Are respectful of their Development Team’s complex skill-set

  • Are assertive and to the point

  • Enthusiastic

  • Possess critical analytical skills

  • Are keen to be accountable for the success or failure of a team

  • Are facilitative and know how to motivate a team

  • Must be prepared to tackle adversity head on and resolve conflict

  • Are realistic with their delegation and expectation of work - a realistic sprint log motivates a development whereas an unrealistic sprint log can lead to demotivation