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Scrum Courses

Scrum Master Certification

This 2-day Scrum certification is for Software Engineers looking to lead Scrum projects and facilitate the implementation of the Scrum framework. The Scrum Master is responsible for creating a conducive platform for the development team to work through the backlog and for organising resource and man-power utilisation.

Hence, this course encourages the acquisition of advanced Scrum framework knowledge and enables an individual to gain their Scrum Master certification - a lauded signifier of professionalism and the ability to orchestrate a Scrum development team.


Scrum Product Owner Training

This 2-day Scrum certification course enables aspiring Product Owners to develop their knowledge of how to maintain and manage a responsive product backlog, and have a product vision that represents the stakeholder’s and customer’s requirements.

Scrum Product Owners are central to the Scrum framework due to being responsible for creating the project’s prioritised backlog and determining the timely completion of quality software projects.


Scrum Overview Training

This 1-day Scrum Overview course educates candidates on the basics of Scrum and the constituents of a productive Scrum project - enabling them to fully appreciate how a project operates and how to maximise resource management for the benefit of quality.

This course allows individuals to comprehensively contribute to a Scrum project due to gaining an understanding of the full process-based operations that lead to productive sprints and a completed backlog.


Scrum Developer

This 2-day Scrum Developer training course educates candidates on how to conduct agile product testing and of how to overcome any identified performance issues that could lead to the project being deficient against its pre-stated quality requirements. This Scrum course educates individuals on how to constructively build functional software using Scrum’s incremental and iterative approach.

Hence, this course’s topic coverage is expansive as it covers a range of techniques to ensure that software is functional and that it meets the stakeholder’s and customer’s demands, despite being developed in a significantly shorter period of time, compared to more traditional/dated frameworks.