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Benefits of Scrum for Businesses

There are many benefits of following Scrum processes, tools, and having Scrum certified employees, which businesses can receive as a result of the framework focusing on continual feedback, performance appraisals, using daily testing, and planning processes, including:

  • Greater return on investment

  • Quicker time-to-market delivery and development of software

  • Reduced cost of production and less wastage of material and people resources

  • Top priority projects are focused upon within the sprint backlog - time is not wasted on menial tasks and there is no need to wait for the whole project to be completed prior to releasing important products or information to customers

  • Enhanced software-based product delivery quality

  • Easy to promote stakeholder engagement due to the simple terminology and process-based framework of Scrum

  • Dominate the market share as a result of beating competitors to public product delivery

  • Projects completed quickly, efficiently, and within shorter time scales

  • Self managing, organising, and proficient teams - developed responsibility, accountability, and ownership enables no task to go unaccounted for within the Scrum sprint review

  • Reduced financial risk - projects are thoroughly planned, appraised, and either abandoned or continued with depending on the review outcome

  • Creativity and innovation is encouraged within team projects

  • Enhanced team morale and unified motivation

  • Regular performance meetings and appraisals mean that project obstacles are identified and dealt with prior to becoming an issue

  • Improved visibility, clarity, honesty, and transparency of operational processes

  • Greater control over the project - daily updates allow managers, owners, and stakeholders to monitor progress and dictate required changes

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction - the quality of the software product ensures repeat interactions