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What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a business improvement methodology based on the combination of Lean and Six Sigma ideologies. Lean focuses on removing waste from the manufacturing process in an attempt to maximise customer satisfaction. Six Sigma concentrates on reducing the possibility of defects and errors in order to improve the overall quality of business processes. The combination of these methodologies will enhance business productivity, due to the speed of Lean and the quality of Six Sigma. Both organisational methods aim to develop quality, decrease operational costings, and improve business processes, hence this powerful collaborative stance is based on united objectives that focus on enhanced business performance.


Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve due to the ever-changing business conditions. Every day, people discuss business improvement techniques, hence Lean Six Sigma makes this procedure easier. It provides a framework for organisations to adopt and maintain, in order to achieve quality services. Lean Six Sigma is centred around maximising business potential through making changes to costing, customer satisfaction, and ambition objectives.