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What is Change Management?

Ultimately, businesses and organisations are bound to encounter change, thus this Change Management training course assists with preparations to ensure the transition is as smooth and as positive as possible. This APMG accredited training course is all about organisation so that when change is implemented and issues arise, people feel able to cope with them, hence all individual roles are considered. Change is necessary within all business enterprises as it enables improvements and developments to occur. Change needs to be dealt within three phases: prior, during, and after the application. The third stage is particularly crucial because it emphasises the need to sustain change. 


Resistance and discontent are often emotions related to change, as people may be comfortable with things as they stand and do not recognise the need for the disruption. As well as this, individuals fear that the appropriate measures to deal with change will not be applied. Consequently, Change Management training aims to reduce such resistance by preparing everybody effectively for change, regardless of their job role and position. Achieving this enables progression, as a more positive attitude towards work and change produces increased productivity, which in turn results in heightened profit. 


The role of individuals is often underplayed, yet how individuals carry out their job role impacts the success of the change implementation. As such, this Change Management training course aims to teach managers that individuals need assistance to reach their maximum potential.