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                              Our apprenticeship programs will provide the ideal introduction to IT, Sales, Customer Service or Marketing and prepare you for your first step on the career ladder.

                              The Knowledge Academy’s Apprenticeship programmes

                              No matter your career aspirations, we have the apprenticeship for you. Whether you are looking for a job in IT, Sales, Customer Service or Marketing, our apprenticeship programs will provide the ideal introduction to the field and prepare you for your first step on the career ladder.

                              Competitive Salary

                              As an apprentice, you will be paid a competitive salary, ensuring you earn while you learn – just like a full employee.

                              Bright Future

                              In addition, all our apprenticeships are with top employers, ensuring you gain the prestige of working for a globally respected company who are at the top of their field.

                              Variety Apprenticeships Available

                              We offer apprenticeships in the following areas IT systems and networking, Software and web development, Digital marketing, Cybersecurity, Project management, Business and others. Click on your area of interest to find out more.

                              Why choose an apprenticeship?

                              We know it can be difficult to know what to do next after finishing school. Leavers are faced with so many options, from A-levels to various forms of higher education. Apprenticeships with us provide you a respected qualification that can take you to your dream career. What’s more, unlike university graduates, you will be career-ready and have no student debt. Not only will you learn, but you will also gain the valuable real-world experience that employers look for.

                              How do I become a Knowledge Academy apprentice?

                              It is easy to become an apprentice with us. Just follow these steps:

                              1. Complete our form – Complete our job application form and you will contact you with the best apprenticeships for your requirements.
                              2. Apply to your chosen position- Apply to any apprenticeship you like, and we will invite you to a recruitment day or interview.
                              3. Start your career as a Knowledge Academy Apprentice – Pass the interview and that is it! You can launch a rewarding career in your field of choice.


                              Apprenticeships allow valuable contribution to your team, moulding apprentices around how your business works in order to help meet your goals.

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                              Information for Employers

                              Do you need help giving quality customer service? How about optimising your site for tablets, desktop and mobile? Do you need assistance developing your next major application? Our apprenticeships are the answers you are looking for.

                              Great Potential

                              By combining training with employment, apprenticeships allow you to introduce new members of staff to your organisation and quickly train them to be a valuable contribution to your team, moulding them around how your business works in order to help meet your goals.

                              Low Risk & High Reward

                              Our apprenticeships are a low-risk, high reward alternative to full-time employment to help you fully realise your businesses goals and develop talented, professional members of staff.

                              Types of jobs an Apprentice can perform

                              We provide a variety of apprenticeship programmes for you, so you can fill any role that you require; IT, Web and Telecoms, IT User Skills, Sales, Management, Software & Web Development, Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, Project Management and Business.

                              Why choose The Knowledge Academy?

                              We are the global number one training provider, offering thousands of professionally accredited courses for business just like yours. Our trainers are guaranteed to give your apprentice the exceptional care and quality learning that they deserve, meaning you can rest in the knowledge that you will develop a motivated and skilled member of your team.

                              Support through your apprenticeships

                              Once you’ve contacted us, we will support you every step of the way. From the moment that you begin the recruitment process to the completion of the apprenticeship, staff and trainers are here for you.

                              Dedicated apprenticeship support focused on making the apprenticeship process as easy and rewarding as possible.

                              A team dedicated to helping you fill your paperwork and guide you and your apprentice through the programme.